The general Seattle Public Schools Website

Double check that the potential home address feeds into the school that you want

Check out this website that is like yelp for schools

What is the deal with the advanced learning program in the public school system?

I am interested in private schools, where should I start?


Traffic, Commuting, Ferries.

Traffic Flow Map. You NEED this!

Metro Bus Planner

Washington State Ferries


For building and remodeling. Zoning rules. Permit process. 

More info than you ever knew you needed

Permitting and Environmental Review

Want to know what is being built around you?

Department of Construction and Inspection


Oil Tanks. What is the deal with them?

Start here with PLIA for basic oil tank information. Sign up for free insurance.

Find out if there are any records on the property you are interested in



Landslide Prone Areas