More About Me

Broker | Realtor

I am a full service, Seattle real estate broker who 🧡’s helping people find the right fit + home details + nature + family and community + learning. I work hard to represent clients with efficient work, honesty and professionalism while really getting to know them. I communicate the process and contracts, interpret market statistics, stay in touch with industry colleagues to gain insights to help in negotiations and stay on top of housing trends. During the work week, you'll find me touring homes in the greater Seattle area to understand inventory, finding data to back up trends and planning the best strategy for each buyer or seller. My end goal is always the long term relationship with people, that is the purpose for my work.

Who I am

I have called Seattle home since I was 4 years old. I was educated in the public school system, attended the University of Washington where I majored in Business Administration and then I worked at Canlis Restaurant, an icon of customer service for over 10 years. I've lived in Shoreline, Madison Park, Magnolia, the University District and now NE Seattle so I really know the Seattle corridor areas and I know the the sneaky ways to get around town (without the help of google maps)!

Professionally, I have a strong interest in sustainable living and am GREEN certified from the National Realtors Association. I enjoy home design and architecture and have deep knowledge of well built homes. A major bonus to me and my clients is that I am married to an established, high end general contractor so I have a well of knowledge about building practices which is tremendously helpful in understanding inspections, putting things in perspective and understanding land use.

I am also parent to 3 active kids, so I can tell you where nearly every soccer field, community center and grocery store in the area are located. Together we have a great appreciation for the outdoors and supporting local so feel free to ask me about hikes and farmer's markets. I know a lot about this wonderful city and I am happy to share what I know with you!