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What do you really need to know about title and escrow to sell your house? It depends on how the title is held for the property. Is it an estate? Is the property in a trust? Is your marital status different from when you bought the house to when you want to sell it? Are there details about boundaries and encroachments and CC&R's a future Buyer will need to know?

Don't worry if it sounds complicated, that is what your agent and title representatives are there for. We will look at your specific situation and figure out what needs to be done to be market ready.


Other helpful Seller resources

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This is the first step. Start anywhere, but just start. It is never too early. Drop books off in little free libraries around town. Take a bag or two down to any donation place once a week. Put things on Buy Nothing or FB Marketplace. Or if you need more help, contact me and I can recommend some more comprehensive resources.

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Everyone wants to know what they may walk away with to help plan their next move and also is helpful for your tax planning. Use this Seller Net Proceeds calculator from CW Title and Escrow to get an idea. Almost every home needs some refreshing before going on market so you may want to use $20K as a minimum place holder.

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Start compiling a list of the upgrades/changes you have put into the home and the year you did them. Find as many receipts as you can. And if you haven't done so before (or in a while), get your furnace serviced and clean your ducts.